Mono Poly

Voice modesVoice一般指Played note




超过4Poly的也常用作PadsLeads(中或长的AMP ENV release)的制作


-Mono=Can only play 1 note at same time

-Poly=Can play more than 1 note at same time

-Mono help keep things clean with basses and leads, and can create cool effect hen you try to play 2 or more notes simultaneously consecutively.

-There is noise when you play notes consectuively in poly because there is ght overlap between notes. That is non existant in mono.


-If amp envelope release is long, mono mode cuts off tail of notes.

-If in poly2mode, you play two chords(each chord with 2 notes) in quick sucessio

n, cut off will occur again. So you need to change poly2 to poly4 to make n existant.

-Same goes for other situations.

-Makes sound more aggressive and stick out


PriorityPriority chooses which notes are kept active once the maximum voices are reached. The most common setting is Last, which keeps the most recently played note active and starts turning off the oldest notes. Top is also common and can work really well when you are layering a mono and poly synth to highlight the highest note in the voicing. Bottom can be used in a similar manner to bring out the bass. On sampled instruments, the cutting off of notes above the max polyphony is often referred to as voice stealing.

UnisonBigger is better


Unison/Unisono Unison enables multiple, slightly varied, voices to be used for each played note. Often the unison voices are panned dramatically and detuned slightly.

有时候Unison功能也叫做Voice Stacking

Voices ( count ):声音数——当前振荡器可以产生的声音数量(发声数)

在使用Unison的时候,振荡器的OSC start按钮也会起作用产生attack transientunison以后的信号声音变大很多,所以要调小Volume










-Takes all Unison sounds and spreads them across the stereo field

-Common setting is to put spread in middle

-When spread is up to 100, sound is wider but no pulsation added. can be great or just widening sound.


-When applied to multiple Oscs, gives you huge sound.

Last modification:April 5, 2022