Self-Oscillationthe ringing sound that occurs when turning up the Resonance knob all the wayCutoff knob controls the pitch of the ringing sound when Self-Oscillating


ResonanceWhen talking about low and high pass filters, resonance is a boost at the cutoff frequency. A high resonance will dramatically boost partials that are at the cutoff frequency and bring attention to the filter itself (and the filter's modulation). The higher the resonance, the more pronounced the effect. Up to a point, eventually the filter will "start to self-oscillate." When this happens the filter acts like an additional sine wave oscillator.



Cut off一起相互联系影响


bright, full, brassySawtooth Wave拥有泛音列上全部的泛音(拥有整数倍的泛音),华丽闪亮,1 / x

thinner, flute-likeTriangle Wave,只包含奇数泛音泛音量少(存在少量的奇次泛音,其强度以大约1 / x2的指数速率降低(x是泛音序列中的泛音数))

nasal, reedyPulse wave(包括Square WaveSquare Wave拥有奇数倍的泛音,1 / x

whistle-likesmooth and purehas no harmonies没有泛音的音色)—Sine Wave

The Moog resonant low-pass filter is particularly distinctive, with a "rich", "juicy", "fat" sound.

为了创造这种Juicy的声音,一般将ResonanceLFOFilter Envelope联合使用


Don’t confuse the classification of a filter as being “resonant” to mean that it will self-oscillate. Not all resonant filters can generate sound by self-oscillating.


-Boost sound near brightest point

-Cutoff to 1.00: When resonance turned up, more sizzley but everything beneath t gets lower in volume.

-Cutoff to 0.81 or lower: No more sizzle, high end boosted forward, rest pulled


-Different setting can change resonace's effect greatly. Overall, it tightens r sound, give it more focus, Add point to sound.

-When Resonance 100, you get ringing sound, and cutoff knob determines pitch that sound. This is called self-oscillation.

-Set cutoff knob first, then resonance when programming exercise in syntorial.


-When add Resonance to Filter Envelope, makes envelope "juicier"

-Has a "Wah effect" like in Wah pedals

-When you have a filter envelope and self-oscillation(Resonance set to 100), can hear the pitch shift since the cutoff is modulated by filter envelope.


-Adding Resonance to LFO still just makes envelope "juicier"

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