4.Doubling and Transposing





Doubling意味着两个waveforms相同,(Doubling and Transposing的一般用五度和八度)




-By playing osc1 at the normal pitch with osc2's pitch altered, you can mix them together and generate sounds

-Can't use any number for osc2 pitch because it can be dissonant(不协和)

-several common ways: any of octaves(12 semitones), 1 fifth(7 semitones), any octaves+1 fifth

-When doubling and transposing oscillators waveforms should be the same.

-When reproducting a 2 osc sound, first set mix knob to 50, then make pitch same, look at

waveform, then figure out the mix knob of oscs

-when reproducing 2 osc sound with wavetype, pulsewidth, mix, semitone control, filter cutoff, attack, release, volume, this is what to do:

look at amp envelope first, then cutoff, then transposing of oscillators and mix knob, the volume, etc

Just trust ears

Slyenth: Set oscA2 voices amount to 1, then change wave to same as that of. Then transpose it. This way you can double and transpose in sylenth. You can also copy oscA1 cking the small C button on the top right then click paste on oscA2 to copy and paste oscA1 to oscA2. This doubling and transposing faster.

When you try to combine two saw waves 1 octave apart, it sounds s 2 octaves apart because of the problem with phase. If this happens, change the phase of one wave to 100(if currently 0).

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